The Meisner Technique is one of the most widely used acting techniques in North America today.  Notable students of the technique include Alison Janney, Robert Duvall, Diane Keaton, and Sam Rockwell to name a few.  The technique was created to provide actors a systematic approach to work from a free, authentic, and connected state and to be able to provide a consistently connected and authentic performance, whether it be through film, television, or stage. 

Over the course of this weekend session, you will begin to understand the fundamentals of the technique that will be directly applicable to your practice.  Cindy will guide you in working from a place of presence and authenticity to cultivate a connection to your partner and generate a sense of truth and simplicity in your performance that comes from the moment as opposed to a pre-determined, intellectual set of choices.   Using the tools of the technique that Meisner made famous, including the repetition exercise, this weekend will be a fast-paced, challenging, dynamic and most of all inspired investigation into one of the most practically created acting techniques of all time.  Find out why even 80 years after this technique was created people still find its relevance in their work today.

There is a limit of 16 participants for this event. 

Dates & Times:

Friday, November 3, 2023: 6pm – 9pm

Saturday, November 4, 2023: 10:00am – 5:00pm (1 hour lunch break)

Sunday, November 5, 2023: 10:00am – 5:00pm (1 hour lunch break)

Cost: Participants: $50.00 + GST
16 ACTRA Alberta members in good standing (Foundational Course). 
Auditors: FREE
ACTRA Alberta members in good standing.

Held over ZOOM

Registration Cut-off Date: October 29, 2023


Cindy L. Macaulay’s Bio:

Cindy L. Macaulay is the founder and director for Playhouse North Acting Studios, based out of Toronto, Canada.  She has been teaching actors with a focus on The Meisner Technique for over 20 years.  She is a graduate of the Neighborhood Playhouse School of The Theatre, in New York City, where the Meisner Technique was founded and developed and completed her Teacher Training Certificate under the mentorship of Richard Pinter, Head of Acting, Neighborhood Playhouse in 2005. Cindy initially started Playhouse North School of Theatre, in Calgary in 2004 and she served as Director for 11 years.  She created and developed a two-year professional actor conservatory program as well as several other training and internship streams.  Cindy also served as the Artistic Director of ColdWater Theatre Society from 2000-2008.  Cindy has extensive performance experience having performed professionally across Canada and the United States.  Currently she resides in Toronto where in addition to Playhouse North, she is a sessional instructor at Toronto Metropolitan University and facilitates corporate sessions on Effective Communications, Developing Connection, and Creative Discovery across North America.

“Cindy have been the most wonderful investment in my career. Through our sessions, I have learned to be more present and more trusting in my own abilities.  I recommend Cindy to any actor looking to enhance their practice, play, and presence.”  Faly Mevamanana

“Cindy’s ability as a teacher to ascertain the specific needs of each student is remarkable.  Her classes are exhilarating as she challenges us to lose our self consciousness in a safe environment where we are free to fail and soar in our search for truthful behaviour.”  Randy Read

“Finding Cindy was the best thing that could’ve happened for my career. Cindy’s classes helped me find confidence and relaxation in my work.”  – Jefferson Guzman