A message for ACTRA Alberta Members from your Branch President.

Welcome, and congratulations on making it through 2020! It’s probably not a big surprise that this past year was our worst, in terms of revenue, this century. The silver lining is that thanks to conservative fiscal planning, we are basically in the same financial position we were a year ago, when sets were suddenly closed due to the outbreak.

The good news is that, much like a pendulum hitting its zenith then swinging back the other way, this next year looks to potentially be our best ever… I guess that is more like an elastic band snapping back than a slow-moving pendulum actually… There are already some BIG shows that have chosen Alberta as the best place to create, and there are several others considering pitching their tent here. Perhaps some have already done so as you’re reading this. This presents a unique opportunity for Alberta performers to get on screen!

But to make this happen, I’m going to ask you all a favour…please update your ACTRA Online Profile.

This is THE single biggest tool we have in enforcing Preference of Engagement (that’s ACTRA speak for HIRE LOCAL!!!). When Producers unfamiliar with Alberta come here, they invariably ask “What’s the talent pool like?” Now we all know it’s full of hundreds of amazingly talented individuals. But when the ACTRA Staff run a report on how many female-identifying performers we have between the ages of 36 and 55 for example, and they get a list of only a handful of people, it’s because all the others haven’t updated their profile!!! So I beg you, if you haven’t done so recently, or at all (you know who you are…) please take an hour or less, and update that profile!

To help our members land those roles, the branch will be holding dozens of professional development workshops – for free or at a very limited cost.  Please take the opportunity to sign up for the workshops, it will be time well spent.

Lastly, but certainly not least, I would like you to also know that if you are facing any kind of harassment on the job, we are here to listen, and to help. And this isn’t just for those who are experiencing unacceptable physical, sexual, or race-related abuse, it’s also for those bystanders who see this behavior, and accept their responsibility to report it. If you need to tell someone about what you’ve seen, or had to personally deal with call the Haven Helpline 1-855-201-7823.  You will be connected to professional staff who will listen to your story, guide you through next steps, and get you the help you need.

All the best for our next filming season, and I cannot wait to see you on set!

ACTRA Alberta President Blair Young In Solidarity,

Blair Young
President, ACTRA Alberta