Member Since: 2019

What has been your favourite role?

For almost the last ten years, I have been an extra and my first gig remains my favourite. I played on “Hell On Wheels” and I was on set often enough to get my own wardrobe. The producers loosened up the normal rules against taking pictures and allowed the production’s stills photographer to offer pictures to the extras in return for a donation to a local charity. I loved the whole experience of being on set, of being involved in a small way in a big story-telling project.

What organization/activity are you involved with or passionate about that people would find interesting? 

Since the early nineties, I’ve been an active target shooter and hunter. I also work part-time at a local gun store and enjoy showing people the rudiments of firearm safety. I tell my friends that they are perfectly safe around me if I have a firearm in my hand, but if you see me with a power tool, tell me to put it down and step away from it.

What Director would you like to work with?

Noah Hawley. I was an extra in Season Three of Fargo and watched him desperately try to get this one long, long, long shot to open the first episode. It didn’t quite work, but by golly, to watch that kind of focus was inspiring. I’d be honoured to work on one of his sets again.

What is your favourite movie and/or TV show?

I worked for CBC Radio for many years hosting early morning shows so there are a lot of great TV shows I just plain missed. Recently I bought Season One of “The Sopranos”. The premise is utterly implausible: a mob boss suffers anxiety attacks and sees a therapist!? But it works, and 20 years later you can see why it makes so many “Top TV Shows” lists.

As a Performer, what is one thing you wish you would have known sooner? 

Be happy being a great, reliable, engaged extra, and leave acting to those who have to dedicate to themselves doing it seriously. Don’t dabble. It is an insult to the profession.