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What has been your favourite role?

I think it’s always hard for an actor to choose between their darlings but I’d say my favourite role so far was playing Steph in the theatre production of “Come Home,” by JC Charlton. The play was based on the playwright’s friend’s struggle with drug addiction in Australia and Steph was a woman he met who had managed to clean up her life and regain custody of her son, only to ultimately fall back into addiction throughout their relationship. It was an incredibly challenging role for multiple reasons and such a special and meaningful experience working with an incredible team to bring this woman’s story to the stage.

What do you do when you are not performing?

I spend a lot of time teaching and coaching actors of all ages at Company of Rogues Actors’ Studio and my home studio, which I absolutely love! Otherwise, you can generally find me watering my plants, at the Farmers Market, reading a good novel, or spending time with my family and our dog, Banjo!

What organization/activity are you involved with or passionate about that people would find interesting?

I’m a big champion of more opportunities for women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds in our industry, in front of or behind the camera or stage. Lori Bachynski and I started a production company called The Brolly Shelf, with a primary focus on women’s stories and creating unique opportunities for women wherever possible, something we are both really passionate about and want to have an active role in supporting.

What director would you like to work with?

Oh gosh, there are so many! I’d love to work with Baz Luhrmann, Robin Wright, Guillermo del Toro… locally, working with Denise Clarke is huge on my bucket list. Denise, hit me up!

What is your favourite movie and/or tv show?

I honestly don’t think I could pick a favourite! I get inspired by certain movies and shows at different times, depending on what I’m interested in or how I’m approaching my work at a certain time. Right now, I’m really exploring character work as an actor so I’ve been drawing inspiration from the new Dahmer series, as well as throwing on some classic Kath n’ Kim in the evenings to keep things light.

As a performer, what is one thing you wish you would have known sooner?

To do it for me and let my creativity lead me like a North Star. I think if you’re going to be happy and fulfilled in this biz, you have to do it because you love it and because the joy of being creative always leaves you feeling fulfilled, no matter what else is going on.

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