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What has been your favorite role? 

Definitely playing Parker on Heartland, which is my first and only part in a TV show so far! It’s been an amazing experience getting to work with such talented actors. Heartland is a really fun set to be on. I love spending time with the other kids on set and it’s super cool when I get to film scenes with my character’s horse, Mickey.

What do you do when you are not performing?

I take piano lessons, and I’m also really into rock climbing, skiing, and swimming. In my down time I love to chill in my room making jewellery and listening to music.

What organization / activity are you involved with or passionate about that people would find interesting?

I started my own jewellery making business this year called Creations by Ava Tran. It’s been super fun selling my product at local markets! I also enjoy volunteering at the animal shelter, especially when I get to hang out with the cats. I’m a huge animal lover and I have two cats myself!

What Director would you like to work with?

I think it would be cool to work with the Duffer Brothers. I think they’re so creative and I love their work on Stranger Things.

What is your favorite movie and/or TV show?

Stranger Things! I really like suspense shows and one of my favourite actresses is Millie Bobby Brown.

As a Performer, what is one thing you wish you would have known sooner?

How fun it is to be on set and meet new people. I’ve met some of my best friends during filming!

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