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What has been your favorite role?

I have many wonderful memories with all the roles that I have played, so it’s hard to pick a favorite! The most memorable experience I had was being on set for the Hallmark movie ‘Winter in Vail’. The Crew was amazing, and the set location was breathtaking! I was surrounded by the beautiful view of the Rockies, and it was a gorgeous sunny winter day that I felt like I was in winter wonderland!

What do you do when you are not performing?

Still staying creative! I have a passion to make beautiful things, so I like to do some crafts, drawings, really whatever! I also strive to open my artistic horizon, so the recent creative project I did was making a music video. (Check it out on YouTube! Bubble by Reid Haggis)

What organization / activity are you involved with or passionate about that people would find interesting?

I don’t know about interesting, but I am one of those people with MANY passions. Again, I love arts & crafts, reading books, cooking, and going to see local theatre shows (I have talented friends who are always a part of theatre productions, so I LOVE going to see their shows!) I used to have TikTok to create funny content to see if I can spread more smiles across the digital world. Unfortunately, there is too much negativity in this world, and I wanted to spread joy and laughter.

What Director would you like to work with?

I would love to work with James Cameron, Mark Palansky, Guillermo del Toro, George Lucas, Tim Burton, and Steven Spielberg. Just to name a few.

What is your favorite movie and/or TV show?

That is a hard question!  I have so many, and I like a different variety of movies and shows. But I will say I love fictional & rom – com movies! I am a huge Fan of the GHIBLI movies and Anime Shows. More recent Shows I was hooked on are Bridgerton, Stranger Things, Squid Game, Peaky Blinders, The Witcher, Gilmore Girls, The 100, and Friends… can I keep going?

As a Performer, what is one thing you wish you would have known sooner?

HAVE FUN! Be kind to yourself and cherish these moments. Don’t sweat over small things and think it’s the end of the world. You get to do what you love to do!! Stop and smell the roses, smile, and laugh often. 😊

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