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What has been your favorite role?
It is difficult to say which role has been my favorite, as I have loved all for very different reasons.
The role of “Liz” is the one that comes to mind more because of the approach. I was not given a script. I worked off the scenes given to develop a relationship with the other character, and it made for a very enjoyable game of trust and discovering
all the while moving the main plot. 

What do you do when you are not performing?
I’m not sure I’m ever ‘not’ performing. I have two young daughters and our daily life is a musical. We sing about anything and everything we are doing from brushing our teeth to literally singing about the dance moves we are doing. 

On the biz side of ‘not’ performing – I am currently producing my first feature film. And wow what a world and I am very much enjoying a new passion. 

What organization / activity are you involved with or passionate about that people would find interesting? 
I am involved with a lot of holistic healers, and I have a love for God and Mother Earth’s powers for healing the physical and the emotional. 

What Director would you like to work with?
Any of the directors I have previously worked with I would love to work with again. 
Kathryn Bigelow and Sarah Polley – absolutely. 
The list could go on and on as you know. 

What is your favorite movie and/or TV show?
…are you ready… ‘The Chosen’‘The Wire’, ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Just Jess’, ‘Arrested Development’, ‘Heartland’, ‘Billy the Kid’. I love watching stand up comedy and movies I will go with...’Legends of the Fall’, ‘The Life of David Gale’, ‘Shawshank Redemption’, ‘Schindler’s list’, Raging Bull’, ‘ET’, ‘Gladiator’, ‘The Deer Hunter’, ‘Empire Records’, and ‘Chasing Amy’

As a Performer, what is one thing you wish you would have known sooner?
To stop and ask for clarity, 
it is ok NOT to know something or just be wrong.
Stand tall in your space and just let the audience in 😊 

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