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What has been your favorite role?

Gordon Ho in CBC Gem’s web series Ming’s Dynasty which had a great cast and director. Other roles would be with Ginger Beef and Jann. 

What do you do when you are not performing?

Spending time on Tinder… just joking. I am writing a dramedy series which is South Park meets the Office in a Car Dealership as part of my stand-up comedy writing. Writing a Treatment requested by a production company based on my successful case in Alberta Court of Appeal, Yee v Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta which can be found on CanLii . It’s a modern version of To Kill a Mockingbird meets David vs Goliath in the genre of Good vs Evil. I just started playing pickleball a year ago and boy, there’s a lot of old people. Also, getting ready for GQ 2023 Summer Swimsuit edition photoshoot… that’s Geriatric Quarterly. If 81 year old Martha Stewart can be on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2023, there’s hope for dudes like me.

What organization / activity are you involved with or passionate about that people would find interesting?

I was Co-Chair of the Shrine Church of Our Lady of the Rockies Building Committee, Canmore from 2013 to its Dedication Mass on May 30, 2020. It’s a great place to visit next time you are in Canmore or Banff, as you will find great works of art and Ecclesiastical Artist Jozef Reibesteijn’s work in restoring the statues and building the altar. 

What Director would you like to work with?

I would love to work again with Eunice Hau of Ginger Beef. Others include the Coen Brothers, Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino… or anyone that pays me.

What is your favorite movie and/or TV show?

There are many movies that I like, but Scorsese’s Silence on apostasy makes me contemplate on my Faith. Since I am a juvenile trapped in an adult body, I love cartoons like Family Guy, Simpsons, South Park, and Bob’s Burgers for their smart comedic writing.

As a Performer, what is one thing you wish you would have known sooner?

I wish I had started my studies with The Screen Acting Academy with Mike Migliara to give me a toolbox of skills that I can choose from. As one of my favorite comedians Dave Chapelle would say “Keeping it real”.

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