Actors with all the best intentions in the world set out (hopefully) to strive for excellence in their Auditions, whether in TV and Film, with much time and effort also focused on how to stand out amongst the overwhelming number of self-tapes submitted for each and every role. 

What many Actors are not aware of, however, is how important an understanding of the Genre and its tone and Style are to making informed choices that will serve the needs of that Genre. Without that knowledge, excellent Acting may, in fact, not result in a callback because the Actor doesn’t understand the world in which that Character is living. 

Since the onset of COVID, fewer and fewer auditions are in person, so the days of personal relationships with the casting community have all but vanished, so the importance of an exceptional self-tape submission is all the more of a priority. 

This is a workshop that will explore the Specific Needs of one of Canada’s most popular markets for Canadian Actors, the TV and Film Western. In this workshop, Genre, Tone, and Style will be explored.

In addition, we will investigate the writer’s intent, the Given Circumstances, script analysis, and needs of the Genre, Tone, Style, and personalization to create informed, specific choices that illuminate the material as well as the actor. 

Here is what past participants had to say about Michael’s workshops:

This was a really fantastic workshop! Michael is very knowledgeable, gave incredible direction, and was very, very encouraging. He definitely made it a safe space for us, and his happy energy made the workshop so much fun to participate in too. He is very funny & fun, while teaching us so much.

Michael was excellent at distilling vast amounts of knowledge of ALL parts of the business, and even though I’m lucky enough to have been around so long that I’ve learned much of his tips and tricks, a few really stuck out, and it’s always great to have a refresher from a new POV!

Facilitator’s Bio:

Michael Connors has been teaching, directing, auditioning, and coaching actors in TV, Film, and Theater for over 25 years in Los Angeles and New York City. He currently teaches TV Genre Auditioning Skills, Scene Study, and Dramatic Improv at ZBS in LA. The Hollywood acting studio is known for developing breakout stars and has worked with Emmy and Oscar winners on their award-winning performances. Michael has also taught Acting for Film at New York Film Academy and at The Michael Woolson Studio in Los Angeles.

He received his BFA from SUNY Purchase Acting Conservatory in NYC and has additional training from The Michael Howard Studios NYC, Judith Weston’s Actor/ Director Lab LA, and The Barrow Group in NYC. He has worked with actors who have appeared on such shows as HeartlandUnder the Banner of Heaven, The Offer, Orange is the New Black, The Goldbergs, Good Trouble, and The Blacklist.

The Workshop structure will be as follows: 

CLASS ONE – Saturday, February 25 – 11:00 am – 2:00 pm 

  • Understanding Genre, Tone and Style when Auditioning for a Western Film or Television show. Breakdown of Example Scenes to be worked on. 
  • Breakdown will cover writer’s intent, Given Circumstances, Imaginary Circumstances, Intentions/Needs, Relationship, Event and Personalization and implementing Genre, Tone and Style requirements. 
  • *Pre-Submitted Self-Tapes will be watched, and feedback will be given based on how well the actor achieved all the Needs of the Scene and the various other requirements for the Material, Genre, Tone, Style, Technical elements, etc. 
  • Self-Tape tips

*The scenes will send the participants several days before the workshop for the self-tapes.

CLASS TWO – Sunday, February 26 – 11:00 am – 2:00 pm

  • Callbacks. Actors are given an opportunity to revisit the previous Scenes attempting to apply the adjustments from the feedback. 
  • Workshop Recap and Questions


Participants: $25.00 + GST
15 ACTRA Alberta members (Full, AM, EX) in good standing – ALL THE PARTICIPANTS SPOTS HAVE BEEN FILLED

10 ACTRA Alberta members (Full, AM, EX) in good standing 


Deadline to sign up is Wednesday, February 22
This workshop is designed for an adult performer.

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